Noobs Blast Online Magazine

An online magazine for the Noobs Blast website.



Websockets integration using service into the website. When new posts are published, the frontend automatically updates without page refresh, giving the site visitor a smooth experience and live updates with the newest content.

Facebook custom page integration. We integrated a custom page from the website into a custom tab at Noobs Blast facebook page.

Facebook canvas mobile advertising campaign design.

Outbound link tracking for Google Analytics extra functionality.

Additionally, the graphics where developed by us.

Targeted affiliate ads based on post tags using our custom plugin specifically developed for the client, their affiliate widget advertisements show in relevant content with high precision.


Total of custom made plugins: 3

  • Spoiler shortcode and editor button hiding text, images and videos, shown with a click of a button
  • Pusher websockets integration enabling live updates on new posts
  • High precision targeting advertising content from the CJ network